Londie london and Hlubi Nkosi-Image Source@InstagramLondie london and Hlubi Nkosi-Image Source@Instagram

Hlubi Nkosi Shows Off New Car Amid DNA Drama with Londie London

Hlubi Nkosi, the South African celebrity, has been making headlines recently with his eventful personal life. From DNA controversies involving his ex-wife Londie London to his extravagant purchases, his life has turned into a typical reality show. Nkosi recently added a new BMW X6 to his collection.

Hlubi Nkosi's new BMW-Image Source@Instagram
Hlubi Nkosi’s new BMW-Image Source@Instagram

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Images shared on Instagram by The Popcorn Room showed Nkosi driving out of a dealership with his brand-new car. This latest acquisition follows his lavish spending on a Range Rover in 2022. The BMW X6 is now the newest addition to his already impressive fleet, which includes a Lamborghini Urus and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

DNA Woes Before Hlubi Nkosi bought new car

In the midst of Nkosi’s glamorous lifestyle, he has faced ongoing controversies surrounding his relationship with Londie London. The couple recently underwent DNA testing for their firstborn child, and Nkosi expressed doubts about his paternity.

Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram
Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram

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The Popcorn Room shared a post stating, “The DNA results are out. Allegedly, Londie London’s firstborn child is not Hlubi Nkosi’s son. A close source revealed that this is the main reason why Londie was asked to leave Hlubi’s mansion. Additionally, there were rumors of infidelity, which led to the confiscation of the white BMW that was given to her by her ex-fiancé. What are your thoughts?”

However, London quickly dismissed these rumors and commented, “Niyenze nobani leyo DNA???? Where is it ?????”, questioning the authenticity of the DNA results.

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