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In a modern-day scenario reminiscent of the Good Samaritan parable, Lungelani Mbatha, a security guard, has become the centre of attention in South Africa. The incident unfolded while Mbatha, employed by 24/7 Security, was on his shift. He discovered a significant sum of money, R4,600, left behind at an ATM.

Despite the absence of the owner, Mbatha did not pocket the cash. Instead, he immediately reported his find and handed the money over to the bank’s Branch Manager.

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Reactions on social media over his return of money

The event has ignited a heated discussion across social media platforms. Some believe Mbatha missed an opportunity by not keeping the money, while others laud his integrity. A number of people speculated that the situation might have been a deliberate test of his honesty. Here’s a snapshot of the online reactions:

@ChrisExcel102: God doesn’t like stupid people.. when he gives you a chance it doesn’t have to come innocently. He will struggle till you die.

@Moneze_: 1. With Cameras all over ATMs he made an excellent decision. 2. His honesty regardless of motive is actually exemplary.

@StHonorable: He’s abiding by the authority’s code of conduct. Big up to him for his loyalty and honesty.

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@mabasotf: God must select his people wisely next time….I would have never rejected your blessings dear father.

@mnm_meya: Might have been a setup to get him fired. Black people.

@TheRealSmomoh: The Bible says Inkosi isiza ozisizayo. But not everyone will get this script.

@_ZaliNxabi: This man just elevated in life. He knew there are cameras and the bank would be able to trace where the money went. Now his employers and the bank will find him valuable and take him a rank higher.

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