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 Here Is Why Simphiwe Ngema’s “Relationship” With Thabo Bester Has Become A Topic For Discussion 

Social media users are currently spreading conspiracy theories about actress Simphiwe Simz Ngema following her admission that she visited Thabo Bester in prison in 2018.

Some social media users have suggested that the actress may have been romantically involved with Bester.

Despite Ngema’s claims that the visit was strictly business-related and that she demanded both money and answers, tweeps revisited reports that Bester had allegedly cheated on his partner, Nandipha Magudumana, with a mystery woman.

According to TimesLive, property developers alleged that Bester, using an alias, had rented a home for his “mistress.”

More Than Business?

After Simphiwe Simz Ngema posted, and then deleted, a statement on Instagram, social media went into overdrive with speculation.

Ngema claimed that Thabo Bester had hired her under the alias TK Motsepe to make appearances at his 21st Century Media events.

Despite Ngema’s statement that her connection with Thabo Bester was strictly business-related, many Twitter users are suggesting that there may have been a more personal relationship between the two.

Below are some of the comments on Twitter.


“She knew he was Thabo Bester and wanted to profit from the scheme. She’s the side chick to Dr. Nandipha.”


“Simz, like Nandipha, was in a relationship with Bester. She probably believed some story about him being innocent and wrongfully accused, and she was also cashing in, so she kept quiet.”


“Love triangle here, Thabo, Simphiwe, and Nandipha”

According to a report by TimesLive, Thabo Bester, using the alias TK Nwana, and Nandipha Magudumana began renting multiple multi-million rand properties from developers 4Tune in 2020.

However, an anonymous source claimed to the publication that one of the properties was allegedly for another woman.

The source said:

“He rented another of our Sandown properties for a woman he said was his staff member.

“When I went to the apartment, the woman said she was renting from TK and that he was the owner. We showed her we were the owners. She was evicted after a month of nonpayment.

“According to Nandipha, it was his mistress. She lost it …”

After her husband Dumisani Masilela’s death in 2017, Ngema was hired to work for 21st Century Media.

In 2019, she started a relationship with Zimbabwean model Tino Chinyana, and in 2020, they announced that they were expecting their first child together.

How Does Simz Ngema Know Thabo Bester?

On Wednesday morning, Ngema released a statement admitting to visiting Thabo Bester in jail in 2018.

Bester, who had introduced himself as TK Motsepe, owed her money after booking her for several appearances.

That same year, Bester launched his multi-million rand company, 21st Century Media, which had a star-studded launch in Sandton featuring guests such as Nomzamo Mbatha, Amanda du Pont, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

According to Simz, she only visited Bester once, on April 5, 2018, and had no further connection with him beyond that point.

Thabo Bester, using the aliases Tom or TK Motsepe, deceived the public into believing that he was living in New York and related to billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe, while he was incarcerated at the Mangaung Correctional Centre.

Ngema stated that she also wanted “answers” but did not provide any further information.

According to The South African, on Twitter, many tweeps had valid questions about her affiliation with a convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster.

  • When did she discover TK Motsepe was Thabo Bester?
  • TK or Tom Motsepe claims he was in New York. How did she know to visit Thabo Bester in prison?
  • Simz visited Bester two months BEFORE the 21st Century Media launch: Why did she not alert authorities to his scam?
  • 21st Century Media facilitated a fraudulent conference called ‘Women in Media’ in September 2018. Why did Simz not speak publicly again?
  • Who are the other “high profile” figures linked to Bester?
  • What transpired during her meeting with Bester?
  • Why did she approach Bester and not 21st Century Media?

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