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Here Is Why Generations: The Legacy’s Mazwi Moroka Actor Musa Ngema Was Axed

Musa Ngema, who portrayed the character of Mazwi Moroka on Generations: The Legacy, has been bid farewell by SABC 1 and Morula Pictures as his contract with the show came to an end in March of this year.

The show confirmed his departure in a statement, following the death of his character this week.

Veteran actors Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphumo will be making a cameo appearance following Musa Ngema’s departure from the show.

However, there are reports suggesting that Ngema’s exit from the show was due to his purportedly difficult and dramatic behavior on set.

Ngema had been a part of the show since 2014, when it underwent a revamp that saw 16 principal actors being axed.

Generations: The Legacy acknowledged that writing a character out of a long-running series is a difficult decision.

However, as with any content-driven soap opera, the show must constantly strive to keep the storyline engaging and deliver unexpected twists to its viewers.

“Over the years Musa has been given many story challenges that have allowed him to showcase his talent as an actor. He has done a fantastic job of portraying the character, and we are grateful for his dedication and commitment to the role and we thank him for his contribution and wish him well,” reads the statement.

Insiders told ZiMoja that Ngema had a hectic relationship with fellow cast members and the crew on Generations: The Legacy; hence he was chucked out of the show.

According to reports, Musa Ngema was given feedback to improve his pronunciation and to stop stuttering on set, but he apparently took offense to the instructions, leading to a difficult attitude that may have played a part in his departure from the show.

“His character was unceremoniously written off apparently because he was not getting along with the cast, and his speech was bad when it came to pronouncing words. When they tried showing him his weaknesses, he would be angry.”


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