Bongani and Brenda Fassie-Image Source@TwitterBongani and Brenda Fassie-Image Source@Twitter

Heartbreaking Revelation: Bongani Fassie Opens Up About Failed Suicide Attempts

A heart-wrenching video surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday, 21 June, featuring Brenda Fassie’s son, Bongani, on an episode of “Behind The Story.” In a candid conversation with the show’s presenter, Jessica Nomalanga Shozi, Bongani spoke about his harrowing experiences with failed suicide attempts.

Bongani Fassie narrates three suicide attempts

Bongani Fassie-Image Source@Twitter
Bongani Fassie-Image Source@Twitter

The video clip captures Bongani Fassie and the show’s presenter engaged in a heartfelt conversation while cruising in a car. Fassie bravely shared with Shozi that his heart and mind have been consumed by darkness. He admitted that regardless of whether he was under the influence of drugs or sober, his mental state remained unchanged. Revealing his haunting past, he disclosed that he had made three desperate attempts to end his own life, all of which tragically failed.

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“My mind wasn’t in a good place, my heart wasn’t in a good place, and I tried to commit suicide… not once, but twice, and I failed thrice,” Fassie confided.

A Painful Battle: The Method and Isolation

Bongani Fassie further shared the agonizing details of his suicide attempts. He disclosed that he had resorted to poisoning himself by consuming detergents, hoping to end his suffering. He also expressed feelings of isolation from his friends, emphasizing their inability to comprehend the depth of his struggles.

“I was supposed to be dead long ago. You know, if my brothers or my so-called friends knew or could just give me time to explain myself, instead of trying to side with some other people,” he lamented.

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Revealing Past Mistakes: Loss of Fortune

Bongani Fassie’s troubled journey has been further exposed in his appearance on Mzansi Magic’s show, “I Blew It.” The episode showcased his reckless expenditure and the drastic loss of his inherited wealth. Following his mother’s untimely demise in 2004, a music executive took Bongani under his wing, guiding him in managing his mother’s estate. During this period, he confessed to squandering his fortune on extravagant purchases, such as three Hummer vehicles, exorbitant rent of R70,000, and lavishing his girlfriend with thousands of rands.

However, the revelation that shook the audience was Bongani’s admission of spending approximately R4 million on narcotics alone. Over time, he came to the painful realization that he had placed his trust in the wrong individuals, leaving him penniless and destitute.

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