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In the aftermath of the unexpected demise of the renowned musician Zahara, an emotionally charged video capturing her last performance has surfaced, shared by a close friend.

The heart-wrenching footage, uploaded by content creator @afiba_m, unveils a visibly emotional Zahara on stage, shedding tears during what would tragically become her ultimate appearance.

Close Friend Shares Footage of Zahara’s Last Performance

Content creator @afiba_m, who shared a profound bond with Zahara, revealed in the video’s caption that the singer, despite feeling unwell, persevered through the performance. @afiba_m took to social media to recount how Zahara’s last show was unlike any other he had witnessed.

He narrated how the songstress had confided in him about her health struggles, prompting them to rush to the hotel where she decided to take a nap.

“I had an opportunity to witness your last performance, and it was so different, so emotional and so heavy. I cried my heart out; you told me you were not feeling too well, and we rushed to the hotel. We canceled the plans of the rest of the evening because you wanted to take a nap. I will always love you,”

A heartfelt tribute to his close friend.

A Tragic Unraveling: Zahara’s Descent into Coma and Multiple Organ Failure

Insiders close to the Loliwe sensation disclosed to ZiMoja on Tuesday, December 12, that Zahara had been admitted to the hospital due to liver complications following persistent stomach pains. She spent approximately two weeks in the medical ward before being transferred to the ICU, where doctors diagnosed damage to her liver.

As her stomach pains endured, Zahara reportedly slipped into a coma, with additional complications affecting her lungs and kidneys. The gifted musician is survived by her mother, siblings, and her husband, Xaba.


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