Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)

Heartbreaking Farewell: Costa Titch’s Friends And Family Share Fond Memories

The family, friends, and former teachers of rapper Costa Titch are sharing their memories of him. Costa Titch was known for being energetic, down-to-earth, and focused. He died after collapsing twice and falling off the stage while performing at the Ultra South Africa 2023 music festival at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

Costa Titch began his journey at Nelspruit Primary School, where he was an integral part of the rugby team. His rugby coach, Albert van Putten, shared that Costa Titch was a humble and energetic individual.

Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)

More of Costa Titch’s family and friends share their memories of the rapper

Vuyani Baloyi, one of Costa’s family friends who helped raise him, attested that despite his fame and success, Costa remained the same loving, kind, humble, and respectful person she came to know and love. He goes on to say that he remained as humble as he was at 13 years old, even after fame.

Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)

Andile Shilembe, one of his former classmates and dance partners, remembered Costa Titch as a hardworking individual who taught him the value of diligence. Together, they reached the world stage as part of the dance group Fresh Impact.

Penryn College’s management paid tribute to Costa Titch’s unwavering commitment to succeed in every activity he participated in, saying that he was a balanced scholar who worked hard at academics, played rugby, and constantly strived to develop his dance and music.

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