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“He Did This To Himself” Senzo Meyiwa Trial Unleashes Social Media Storm As Zandie Khumalo Testifies 

The ongoing trial of Senzo Meyiwa has sparked a whirlwind of discussions among social media users.

All eyes were on Zandie Khumalo, the sister of renowned songstress Kelly Khumalo, as she took the stand.

Zandie’s testimony has ignited a storm of doubt, shrouding the enigmatic murder case of the adored soccer player in 2014 with fresh ambiguity.

After providing a meticulous narrative of the complex relationship dynamics between Meyiwa and her sister, a torrent of criticism has deluged the renowned athlete, alleging that his extramarital affair led to his own downfall.

Social Media Slams Senzo Meyiwa As Zandie Takes The Stand

Nearly a decade has passed since the tragic shooting and death of football sensation Senzo Meyiwa, who was fatally wounded during a visit to the Vosloorus residence of his then-girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo.

The untimely demise of Orlando Pirates’ goalkeeper, Senzo Meyiwa, sent shockwaves throughout South Africa, igniting widespread public outrage.

However, justice faced significant delays as it was only in 2020, six years after his tragic murder, that suspects were finally apprehended.

The ongoing trial, which carried on this week, garnered considerable attention, with Zandile Khumalo becoming a trending topic as she stepped onto the witness stand to provide her testimony.

As discussions around Senzo Meyiwa unfolded on social media, his name started trending as locals delved into his romantic entanglements and instances of infidelity.

One person, in particular, placed blame on the soccer star for his tragic demise.

According to this tweep, Meyiwa could have potentially saved himself by remaining loyal to his wife and steering clear of any involvement with the Khumalo sisters.

“Unpopular opinion: He did this to himself. Imoto ilandelwa luthuli lwayo. If this womanizer had stayed in his marital home, this would not be happening right now. He would have died in a more dignified manner. With that said, I’m heartbroken for his family, especially his mom,” wrote @Kolie_Yola.

The post received many reactions from Twitter users who seemingly agree.

“Had he been home with his family, we wouldn’t be here….but nooo!! We are here because he had a zipper issue!!” wrote one person while another added:

“His wife deserved better, he was out there living like a single guy.”



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