Sonia Mbele-Image Source@InstagramSonia Mbele-Image Source@Instagram

‘He approached me as a bet’ Sonia Mbele Reveals The Truth Behind Her Failed Marriage

In a candid interview on “Dineo On S*X n Suff,” popular actress Sonia Mbele opened up about her 2021 divorce from her ex-husband, Leslie Sedibe, shedding light on the reasons that led to their separation.

Married to a Stranger: Sonia Mbele’s Experience

During the interview, Sonia Mbele shared her emotional journey of being married to Leslie Sedibe, a former executive of the South African Football Association (SAFA) and an attorney.

Sonia Mbele-Image Source@Instagram
Sonia Mbele-Image Source@Instagram

“While I was there [in her marriage] and waking up to the dawn of who are you, who did I marry, and living with that person every day and realizing this is a MFer,” she said.

Mbele expressed her hope and prayers that her children, above all, would see her ex-husband for the person she knew him to be. She chose to remain silent, believing that one day her children would realize the truth about their father.

A Mother’s Relief: Sonia’s Son Speaks Up

At the age of 15, Sonia Mbele’s son confided in her, expressing his desire to no longer live in the same house with his father.

“At 15, he was like ‘I’m done. And for me, I was like, ‘thank you, Jesus,” Mbele revealed.

Her son’s revelation brought relief to Sonia, as it validated her concerns about her ex-husband’s true nature.

Sonia Mbele on Reflecting on the Failed Marriage

Sonia Mbele expressed her wish that people could recognize the red flags in their relationships before it’s too late.

“We walk into a marriage with the intention to stay and make it work. And then that’s what happened to this girl [referring to herself]. Slowly you find out these things that are slowly depreciating your love and slowly taking away from you,” she added.

The actress emphasized that the purpose of her interview with Dineo was to share her experiences, not to criticize anyone involved in her past.

After years of silence, Sonia Mbele felt comfortable talking about her divorce now that her children are older and capable of forming their own judgments.

“What I am saying now will no longer be a shocker to them,” she said.

A Shocking Revelation: Tricked Into Signing Away Her Home

Mbele shared a shocking story of her ex-husband tricking her into signing a document that gave him full rights to their home.

Furthermore, she discovered that Leslie had seen her on TV before they met and had placed a bet with his friends that he could win her over.

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