Grootman has his phone number leaked by Gcinile-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Themba Selahle, widely known as Grootman in the forex trading community, is raising alarms as he faces relentless harassment and hacking attempts following the leak of his personal phone number by his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala.

The Viral Scandal

Grootman, a controversial figure, has recently been accused of leaking an explicit video featuring himself and Gcinile. The pair, who shared a three-year relationship, had a highly publicized breakup this May, marked by Grootman demanding the return of all gifts, including the engagement ring.

Amidst their breakup, reports surfaced of Grootman pleading with Gcinile to reconcile, only to allegedly release their intimate video when she refused.

Gcinile Seeks Legal Protection

This week, Gcinile took a significant step by seeking a court order against Grootman, aiming to prevent him from distributing any further explicit content of her. The court’s ruling not only forbids him from such actions but also bars him from any threatening or harassing communication towards her. Additionally, Selahle is ordered to cover all of Twala’s legal expenses related to the case. A follow-up hearing is set for July to consider a permanent injunction.

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Personal Information Leaked, Harassment Ensues

Following the court order, Gcinile publicly disclosed the document, which contained Grootman’s phone number and email address. As a result, Grootman has been inundated with calls and messages from strangers, along with numerous hacking attempts.

Expressing his frustration, Grootman stated:

“The thing about backyard lawyers is you end up catching a lawsuit yourself trying to send one. How do you even expose AN ACCUSED’s personal information on a court order? What if my numbers or emails get hacked in the process while I am not been guilty of anything and only the court can make that decision?

“What if there are robberies and attacks on the address before the court’s decision? I now have to change my numbers, emails and address to protect my documents and for my safety while preparing for court.”

He also shared screenshots showing the volume of calls and messages he’s been receiving, alongside hacking attempts on his social media accounts.

“Already getting harassed with endless calls, WhatsApps and attempts of hacking my Instagram. The same reason that caused all this mess. GETTING HACKED. Le naganela morago lena and I will teach you a lesson. Pray nothing happens in the meantime.”

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