Gomora Review: What Are Mike’s True Intentions With MamSonto?

Silas Monyetsi who pays the role of Bra Mike on Mzansi Magic’s number one telenovela; Gomora seemed like a gentleman who came just in time to save MamSonto from herself.  He swept her off her feet and charmed Sonto’s children and grandchildren except her oldest; Thati.

We didn’t understand why Thati didn’t buy his act or why she was so suspicious of him from the beginning till now. 

We liked that Mike was pushing Sonto to a cleaner; whenever Mike pushed Sonto, she resisted until she fully committed and agreed to leave her gangster life behind. 

She’s now holding Bible study lessons in her house, put Thati in charge of her car hijacking business, and put Pretty in charge of her tavern.

So why does he want to isolate her from her family? Why does he want her to himself? Because he’s a common abuser!  He knows that Sonto’s strength is her children and her community.

He may be planning to break her emotionally and mentally. He may physically abuse her as punishment for the woman she is.

Mike may be jealous of Sonto’s life; her money and children and respect she’s earned in the community. 

Sonto may have taken one of Mike’s family members. This may be revenge for him…he may have planned the whole thing from the proposal, the marriage, and the move.

Mike is a charming 50-something jazz fan, who had an affair with MamSonto years ago. Mike’s financial woes; he blew all his savings on his wife’s medical bills, so when he arrived in Gomora, he was trying and get his life going again here in Alex.

Sonto let him move in with them when she realized that he had nowhere else to go.

Fans were suspicious of him when it looked like he coming on to Thathi and Pretty, until they realized he and Sonto were a real thing.

Sonto will eventually come back to her family because it’s in her nature to be bad. That’s what makes her feel alive. Mike loves the idea of Sonto, the old innocent Sonto. They won’t last!

When they get married, Sonto is going to get him a gift on their wedding day. She’s going to get him a classic Mercedes he always wanted, which will be hijacked.

When he finds out, will he still want to stay married to her or move away still and torment her just like Thati predicts?


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