Gomora Review: The Downfall Of Ntokozo

Fans of Mzanzi Magic’s most-watched show were hopeful that things would turn around for Ntokozo when he became vulnerable for the first time in a long time. 

But their hopes were dashed when Ntokozo shocked them last night by not coming clean to his parents. He instead, opted to lie to his parents and said his now ex-girlfriend, Mazet is pregnant which was a complete lie was.  

His lies are getting deeper and darker, thus digging himself into a bigger hole and losing himself. Last night’s scene also proved that the sangoma was right when he said that Ntokozo’s life is going to get complicated and he’s going to get worse before he truly admits what he’s done. 

The 17-year-old has been involved in three shootings since joining the show. He first killed Nthati’s husband which was the first hijacking and opening scene on the show. 

Then he witnessed MamSonto killing the detective who wanted to expose their hijacking syndicate, and the last shooting was when he was involved in a hijacking and murder of Bra Mike who was MamSonto’s fiancé. 

He finally broke up with Mazet who is toxic to him and was involved in all these murders!

Every time they hijack or attempt to hijack a car, somebody ends up dead, which was the last straw for Ntokozo. He joined the hijacking syndicate to make money, get away from his parents and gain independence. However, he always ends up going back to his parents’ house, crumbling and broken because he can’t keep it together. 

While fans of the show first blamed his parents for the way he turned, last night’s scene proved that Ntokozo doesn’t want to get better. He’ll only realize that he needs help by his fourth, fifth or sixth killing! 

The last shooting will change has changed his life forever though as MamSonto is looking for the shooters and won’t back down till she kills them herself. 

He didn’t wanna come clean to his parents because they’re too perfect. They have the perfect jobs, live in a perfect house, and are respected by the community. 

When his parents do find out the truth, they might turn their backs on him and might even write him off, especially Melusi, his father. Though his parents were informed by the sangoma of Ntokozo’s murders, they refuse to believe it and choose to live in denial. 


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