Gogo Skhotheni and spouseGogo Skhotheni and husband in happier times-Image Source@X

Renowned sangoma, podcaster, and reality TV star Gogo Skhotheni has opened up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband.

Gogo Skhotheni, whose real name is Tumi Motsoeneng, disclosed her harrowing experiences in a series of emotional posts on her Instagram stories.

The Troubled Marriage

In January, Gogo Skhotheni informed her followers that she had been single for six months, though many believed she was still in a relationship:

“I have been single for six months, and people still think I am in a relationship. Maybe because my break-up with my ex was a mature one. Whenever we are seen together, it’s because of our kids or business, but besides everything.

We are no longer dating. It’s been a while hle. We stopped following each other on all social media platforms in late 2022. We officially broke up six months ago.”

In April 2024, Zimoja reported that Gogo Skhotheni had reconciled with her husband, Monde Shange. A source indicated that the sangoma had endured a difficult period during their separation, which ultimately did not lead to divorce.

Gogo Skhotheni Reveals Abuse

Chats Gogo Skhotheni shared to show the abuse her husband put her through-Image Source@Zoomsouthfrica

A month later, Gogo Skhotheni took to social media again, this time to recount the abuse inflicted upon her by her former husband, Monde. She revealed that he had assaulted her severely, even breaking two of her iPhones:

“Abuse is a drug. You end up normalising it, but again, thank God I’m alive. I won’t post my face or the scars I had. I have kids to protect. But I’m okay. Both phones [broken] in one month, but [I’m] not ready to talk about it, kodwa. I am safe, thank God.

Being in the public eye sometimes is hard. When you want to speak about such, you have to think twice because, wow, I have seen other ladies being dragged for such.”

Gogo Skhotheni also shared screenshots of her conversations with Monde. The messages depicted a troubling relationship where she described being treated like trash and subjected to gaslighting. The chats indicated frequent conflicts during their marriage.

In some instances, Monde threatened to leave, leading Gogo Skhotheni to physically prevent him, only for him to accuse her of abuse. He also blamed her for having anger issues.

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