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Gogo Maweni’s New Reality Show Raises Eyebrows And Questions

Gogo Maweni, a well-known traditional healer and reality TV star, has been given her own show, titled Thokoza Gogo, which premiered on Saturday, 6 May 2023. The show is centered around her life and practices as a traditional healer, including her marriage to Sabelo Cele and her dabbling in black magic. However, the first episode has raised concerns among viewers regarding the appropriateness of the content being shown.

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Alarming events during the first episode of Gogo Maweni’s Reality Show

During the 24-minute episode, viewers were exposed to alarming events that left many questioning if the show was appropriate for public consumption. Gogo Maweni and her husband were first seen visiting a traditional healer to ward off evil spirits that allegedly prevented her from working from her “ancestral home.” Later, scenes showed Gogo Maweni practicing “black magic” by violating a gravesite to send a spirit to kill someone.

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni-Image Source@Instagram

The next scenes focused on Sabelo Cele asking Gogo Maweni whether they were part of the Illuminati, which she confirmed, raising even more questions about the couple’s lifestyle choices. The episode’s events left many viewers questioning whether the show was too explicit in its portrayal of black magic and the negative aspects surrounding traditional healers and their practices.

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Possible marital problems

It has been suggested that Sabelo Cele’s questioning of his wife’s lifestyle choices might be the result of their sometimes rocky marriage. There have been reports of trouble in their relationship, including allegations of infidelity and insecurities on Gogo Maweni’s part.

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According to a report by Zimoja Lezinto, a close friend who wished to remain anonymous told the publication that Sabelo Cele crashed Gogo Maweni’s fancy Mercedes-Benz ride. The source added that there are allegations of infidelity in the marriage, and that Gogo Maweni has insecurities and thinks every woman is after her husband.

Despite these allegations, the couple is still living together. However, their relationship appears to be experiencing serious issues. The first episode of Thokoza Gogo has raised even more questions about the couple and their lifestyle choices, leaving viewers wondering what the future holds for them.

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