Gogo Maweni celebrates anniversaryGogo Maweni and Sabelo-Image Source(Instagram)

Gogo Maweni Puts To Rest Divorce Rumours As She Celebrates Anniversary

Gogo Maweni is a South African reality television star known for her appearance on the second season of the show Izangoma Zodumo. She gained national fame for her appearance on the show and her relationship with her boo-thang-turned-husband, Sanele Mgube.

Divorce Rumours

Gogo Maweni and Sabelo celebrates anniversary
Gogo Maweni and Sabelo-Image Source(Instagram)

Rumours about their divorce started to circulate on social media in 2023, but Gogo Maweni has taken to social media to address these rumours. She uploaded a post to Instagram where she gushed over her husband’s caption on his post, which detailed their anniversary celebrations at the Zuma Restaurant. She praised him for being her support system through good and bad times in her life and for stepping up to help raise her sons.

What Went Wrong?

According to reports, trouble allegedly started when there were claims that Sanele was living off his wife. However, Gogo Maweni denied these claims and stated that he makes his own money. The straw that apparently broke the camel’s back was the fact that Sanele crashed Maweni’s expensive car.

Gogo Maweni celebrates anniversary
Gogo Maweni and Sabelo-Image Source(Instagram)

Despite admitting that their relationship is not perfect, the couple still deeply care for each other.

Their Relationship

Gogo Maweni and Sanele Mgube’s relationship was first introduced on the reality show Izangoma Zodumo. The relationship seemed genuine, and they were seen as a beautiful power couple. While the couple has faced rumours of divorce, they have shown that they still care for each other and are committed to their relationship.

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