Vusi Nova (Image Credit: Instagram @vusinova1)

“God Spared My Life”-Vusi Nova Counting His Lucky Stars After Escaping From A Fatal Car Crash

Vusi Nova, a musician from South Africa, is thankful that he made it out of another fatal car accident.

Vusi Nova was involved in a very serious car accident on Saturday, March 4th, following his outstanding performance at Somizi Mhlongo’s Golden Jubilee event.

Vusi Nova (Image Credit: Instagram @vusinova1)

Intliziyo hitmaker was going to a show in the Vaal with two bodyguards in a car. Unfortunately, their car crashed, but everyone survived the fatal wreck. Only the car was completely destroyed.

“Vusi’s Land Rover is a complete write-off. I am not sure about the police van. Luckily everyone is okay. The police officer had to be rushed to the hospital and the bodyguard’s eye was badly hurt.”

“Vusi and the other have minor injuries on the bodies, scratches, and bumps on the leg which they had checked out by the paramedics who arrived on the scene,” a witness told ZiMoja.

Vusi Nova shared a video of himself performing at Somizi’s 50th birthday celebration on his Instagram account.

Vusi Nova said that God kept him alive so he could continue to make music and entertain his fans.

“God spared my life so I can do this a few more times. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with my friend @somizi last night.”

He also posted on Instagram about how he realized life can go by so quickly and how he almost died in a car accident on Saturday.

“When l left my friends in Suncity at no point in time did l think that this could be the last time l would be seeing my friends. At no point was l was thinking that. This got me thinking. Life is too short guyz. so the people you say you love, dont take them for granted. Whatever second or minute you spend with them make sure they know how you feel about them, be vocal about your feelings because you don’t know what I going to happen a second from now,” he said.

On February 8th, 2020, Vusi Nova was also involved in a car accident while driving to the airport.

“God is good all the time! This happened this morning on my way to the airport! Car rolled and not even a scratch on me! This is proof that there’s so much I still need to do before it’s my time. Guys plz be careful on the roads! (rain) grateful to be alive.”


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