Get To Know Glenda From Skeem Saam

Nozi Langa has not only been celebrated by her fans for her superb acting in two very popular local shows but also for her entrepreneurial skills too. 

The 27-year-old Limpopean actress, Nozi Langa who plays the role of Glenda and Bonolo on Muvhango is celebrated by fans for her exceptional acting and her superb entrepreneurial skills. 

Nozi owns a beauty bar in Centurion called Plush Lush and Beauty Bar and runs an initiative called #OpenDiscussions.

What roles do you prefer taking on? 

I like the more challenging roles because it forces me to look outside of who I am naturally. I always prefer to challenge myself and push boundaries in everything I do.   

Have you played younger roles? 
Yes, I have. While I don’t prefer it, I believe that I am versatile so I’m able to challenge myself.  

What are the struggles youth face in today’s society? 

One of the major challenges in this industry is #OpenUpTheIndustry. This is a real-life struggle for those who seek to start careers in the acting industry, especially those who have studied the art but have no luck in finding jobs. 

Performers deserve fair opportunities all around to be able to practice their expertise and create sustainable financial opportunities for themselves. There is also the issue of coming to reality with the reality that there’s no such thing as instant gratification, instantly affording success.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I want to see growth in my business and a lead role in an international television series. 

Who has been your biggest motivator? 

My mother.

How do you stay grounded? 

I pray, plan and put it into action. That’s what brings about change in any situation.

What inspired you to start your #OpenDiscussion initiative?
I want to help children, youth, young people to heal from the wounds that they block out without even noticing that they block them out, and these [wounds] manifests in your life as a challenge in your future, and sometimes you don’t know that it does because you haven’t identified it as a problem and you’ve blocked it out. People or the youth, don’t speak emotion anymore and they don’t allow themselves to have these conversations. It’s an uncomfortable conversation for them to speak honestly about their feelings.

How did your role on Skeem Saam’ inspire you to take this path?
My role inspired me by the influence that has or have created when I started on the show. People get so excited when they see you on the street and, they wanna talk to you, but then you start to realize that people are so inspired by you but I wasn’t really sure why. So I felt I have the influence to give them a reason to be inspired instead of just being an Instagram lady who just posts.


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