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Generations The Legacy actor Dali Malinga accused of being a deadbeat dad

Andile Nebulane, also known as Dali Malinga on Generations The Legacy, has been caught in deadbeat rumours. His baby mother, Amanda Waller, posted on Twitter about his absenteeism to his children. Waller accused Nebulane of being a deadbeat that sleeps around, impregnates women, and then abandons his children.

“He masquerades as a present father, yet he’ll disappear for weeks, leaving his children alone while on drinking sprees. Some of his kids don’t even know what R2 from him looks like, ke phof,” she added.

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Celebrities Implicated in deadbeat rumours

Nebulane is not the only celebrity named and shamed in this act. Last month, The River actor, Presley Chweneyagae, appeared on ‘No excuse pay Papgeld’ in Moja Love for being a deadbeat to his son and not maintaining him.

In 2018, Prince Kaybee’s baby’s mother also accused him of failing to make child support payments. Although the woman’s identity was kept a secret, she is thought to be from Limpopo. She said that ever since she gave birth to the supposed 2017-born child, Prince had never made time to see her.

Andile Nebulane
Andile Nebulane-Image Source@Twitter

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Comments went against the baby mother

Despite Amanda’s accusations against Nebulane, some of the comments showed no remorse at all, as people expressed that she should discuss the issue with the person she has a child with and not include them. However, some felt it was unfair for her plea to fall on deaf ears and called out the deadbeat behaviour and those who are deadbeat apologists.

It is important for parents to take responsibility for their children, regardless of their relationship status. Being a present parent, providing emotional and financial support, and being there for important milestones, should be the top priority for any parent.

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