Generations’ Kenneth Mashaba Flaunts Real Life Bae Half His Age In Steamy Pictures

Generations' Kenneth Mashaba Flaunts Real Life Bae Half His Age In Steamy Pictures
Cosy……Generations’ Kenneth Mashaba, Real Name Seputla Sebogodi Flaunts Real Life Bae Half His Age In Steamy Pictures

Talk of bae goals; seems like the former Generations actor and award-winning thespian Seputla Sebogodi still got it and his thirst for a younger taste is one never to be quenched anytime soon.

His viral pictures from Valentine’s gate-away with his bae got many tongues wagging.

The legendary actor who currently plays Mohumi on the award-winning novella; The River posted his pictures from the gateway with his new bae, seemingly half his age.

This is not the first time he is dating someone so young to him. A few years ago he was engaged to marry a 21-year-old woman – Makoena Francina Kganakga – before they shortly cancelled their engagement.

He has also attracted controversy before when he proposed to a 21-year-old ex-fiance Khanyisile Zuma whom he dumped immediately after paying lobola for.

This time around he celebrated his Valentines day at a lodge with a woman only identified as Mogau Sebeka where they took some raunchy, steamy pictures. The girl’s age is not yet known to the public but netizens have already assumed she may also be in her early 20s since Seputla seems to like them at that particular age.

These have however caused havoc on social media streets as they attract mixed feelings from fans.

In one of the pictures, Seputla is seen going down on one knee, supposedly in an attempt to propose.

Despite the negativity netizens have started throwing on the two, the woman in question seems to be taking it lightly.

“You guys😂😂😂😂…. You are definitely fetching me😂😂😂😂. But hey love lives here❤️,” she laughed off some “father and daughter relationship” comments that were being thrown at her.

Although Seputla does not hold any clean sheet when it comes to relationships, we wish him his recent a successful go.

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