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Social media is abuzz with the latest chapter in the tumultuous life of former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu. Reports reveal that his third wife, Nqobile “Floda” Mthimkhulu, has decided to part ways with him, unraveling a series of intimate details.

Third Wife Initiates Divorce from Ngizwe Mchunu

The phrase “Ziyakhala,” made famous by Ngizwe Mchunu during the July 2021 unrest, is echoing through social media as users react to this unexpected development.

Floda, in a recent interview on Podcast Affirmation, openly shared the news of their separation without specifying the timeline. The couple, married since 2015, does not share any children. In the unreleased interview, Floda delves into the challenges faced during their marriage, highlighting Ngizwe’s deep involvement in politics and the ensuing negative attention affecting their family. She also addresses the impact of Ngizwe’s legal troubles on their relationship in a candid conversation with podcast host Sizwe Blose.

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Floda’s Post-Separation Journey

Responding to inquiries from ZiMoja, Floda affirmed her single status, emphasizing her lack of interest in actively pursuing a new relationship. Instead, she is redirecting her focus towards her music career, expressing a desire for personal growth and contribution to the artistic world. Floda stated, “I’m very single – I really just want to focus on myself, work, and play my part in the artistic world.”

She continued, “I wasted way too many years focused on the wrong things just to please people. I’m not that girl anymore. It’s peaceful for me because I have aspirations and goals to achieve. So, all my energy can now go into that.”

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Unraveling Past Revelations

This recent development follows Ngizwe Mchunu’s second wife’s live announcement on TikTok last October, revealing that her ancestors no longer approve of Mchunu as her husband, leading her to contemplate remarriage.

In the aftermath of this revelation, social media users have humorously responded with Ngizwe Mchunu’s own well-known phrase, “ziyakhala.”



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