Skomota on ANC campaignSkomota campaigns for ANC-Image Source@X

Social media is ablaze with criticism directed at the African National Congress (ANC), as users express dismay over the party’s recent campaign tactics involving Skomota, a 38-year-old sensation hailing from Limpopo, South Africa.

Netizens are condemning the ANC for its choice to incorporate Skomota, whose real name is Thabang Sefala, into their campaign strategy. Widely known as “Mr. All Over” for his humorous presence at local ceremonies, Skomota’s popularity has taken a political turn, sparking outrage among the online community.

Skomota: Transitioning from Viral Sensation to Political Player

Thabang Sefala, known as Skomota, earned his fame through humour and comical behaviour, particularly his ubiquitous presence at local events, earning him the moniker “Mr All Over.” However, his recent involvement in political campaigns has raised eyebrows and led to growing concerns among the audience.

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Exploitation and Public Concerns

Skomota campaigns for ANC
Skomota on ANC campaign-Image Source@X

The ANC Youth League’s decision to enlist Skomota for their campaign has triggered widespread criticism on various social media platforms. Users are expressing their apprehension, perceiving the move as an exploitation of Skomota’s popularity for political gains. A concerned user, @ayanda_yandiey_, voiced their disapproval, stating, “They’re now taking advantage of him; this political party is shameless.”

Skomota’s Journey to Prominence

Skomota’s path to fame includes his signature dance move, which gained popularity even among Bafana Bafana players. However, his recent foray into the political arena has brought him under intense scrutiny, with many questioning the motives behind his participation in ANC campaigns.

From Rags to Riches: Skomota’s Remarkable Transformation

Skomota’s life underwent a drastic transformation when he secured a remarkable R3 million victory from Betway, an online gambling platform, on August 25, 2023. This windfall, coupled with meeting his soulmate who assisted in the cash out process, resulted in an overnight change in lifestyle. Skomota started donning expensive attire, mingling with celebrities, and even ventured into the music scene with his song “Dipikara Mmotong” featuring Team Delela and Aembu.

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Public Backlash and Commentary

Criticism towards the ANC continues to escalate, with users like @willy_shau asserting, “ANC will abuse you and hurt you.” Another user, @Rexjiffy, lamented, “Poor Skomota has been used to make this party relevant. 🥺”

Addressing Concerns and Pleas for Equitable Treatment

Amidst the uproar, appeals for fair treatment towards Skomota have emerged. @LeNoir027 directly addressed Fikile Mbalula, urging, “Give Skomota a break @MbalulaFikile. This man cannot replace what you’ve lost in Zuma. Please, let the young man be his own self and stop using him.”

As Skomota finds himself entangled in the political sphere, the ANC is under increasing pressure to address concerns regarding the ethics of their campaign strategies. The public outcry emphasizes the intricate dynamics of celebrity influence in politics and raises pertinent questions about the blurred lines between entertainment and political activism.

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