Fresh Start: Mphowabadimo Reveals Plans To Move Out And Move Forward Following Marriage Breakdown

Fresh Start: Mphowabadimo Reveals Plans To Move Out And Move Forward Following Marriage Breakdown

Big Brother Mzansi winner Mphowabadimo has decided to vacate the apartment that she once shared with her estranged husband, Themba Broly.

In addition to citing personal reasons for her departure, she also revealed to her followers how her pregnancy played a role in her decision to move out.

It appears that Mphowabadimo and Themba’s marriage has hit a rock, and any hope of a fairy-tale ending seems unlikely.

Despite reportedly tying the knot in a private ceremony last December, the couple has been going through a rough patch.

Mphowabadimo Opens Up About Her Relationship Status

Mphowabadimo provided an update to her followers through a video, explaining that she has decided to move out due to personal reasons.

She confirmed that she is now single again, and the apartment they once shared has become a constant reminder of her failed marriage to Themba.

“Ok, guys I am at my apartment. I just had a few people that were here to view the apartment because I am moving out because of personal reasons. Ok, I’m moving out because I am pregnant and the steps are just hell and secondly, I’m single again. So this place has just become a keeper of memories I want to leave behind,” Mphowabadimo.

The star has begun the process of moving out and hopes to have completed it by the end of this month.

She shared with her fans that she will be moving to the East Rand due to a complication discovered by her doctors during her pregnancy.

It’s not clear what the nature of the complication is, but it appears that Mphowabadimo is taking steps to ensure that she is in a location that is best suited to meet her needs during this challenging time.

“So I already started moving a lot of things out of the apartment. I will be fully moved out month end. So I’ve just been coming, taking, coming, taking. I’m moving to a new place and I’m moving closer to the East Rand because also I went to the doctor the other day and they found out I have a bit of a complication with my pregnancy and that has been a fluke. I need to be close to home so that if anything happens to me I have somebody that can assist me,” said Mphowabadimo.

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