Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)

Free After 8 Years: Prince Kaybee Finally Parts Ways With Universal Music Group

Prince Kaybee, a DJ and producer, has announced on Twitter that he is leaving Universal Music Group to pursue his career solo.

He had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the record label, claiming he was being sabotaged. In a post on Monday, he announced that he was “Free after 8 years.” The musician posted a statement that showed that he no longer had an contractual duty to the label.

Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)
Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)

The label also released a statement confirming that they had mutually agreed to terminate their agreement but would continue to commercially exploit Prince Kaybee’s recordings and make payments if due.

Their relationship was one welcome to the artist during their first days, but as time moved, he claimed it was unhealthy for his finances. The label had full rights to his music and albums, and he claimed that he was not getting his fair share of the deal.

Prince Kaybee dumps Universal Music Group.

“The parties have agreed to mutually terminate the agreement with effect from April 3 2023, and UM releases you from the delivery of any further recordings in terms of the agreement.

Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)
Prince Kaybee-Image Source(Instagram)

“UM shall continue to commercially exploit the recordings and account and make payment (if due) to you in terms of the agreement. We thank you for the opportunity of working with us, and we wish you every success in the future.”

Despite looking forward to the move, Prince Kaybee admitted on Twitter that he was nervous about being on his own for the first time. However, fans are glad that the musician can now make his own music solo and not have another label sabotaging him out of his earnings.

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