Former prisoner shares how they drank roll-on deodorant-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Many South Africans were left in disbelief after a former prisoner recounted how they resorted to consuming roll-on deodorant in place of alcohol.

Shocking Confession: Consuming Roll-On Deodorant for Alcohol

In a recent podcast episode of Justify, a former prisoner, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared a startling story. The ex-inmate described how, during a December while incarcerated, he and his fellow inmates yearned for alcohol. Faced with strict prison regulations that banned alcohol, they devised an unusual method to fulfill their cravings.

Due to the alcohol content in roll-on deodorants, they decided to use it as a substitute. They collected several deodorants, removed the caps, extracted the liquid, and diluted it with water before consuming it.

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Watch the video below:

Social Media Erupts Over Roll-On Drinking Revelation

The revelation has stirred up a storm on social media. While some users expressed shock and bewilderment at the idea of drinking roll-on deodorant, others found it hard to believe and accused the man of fabricating the story.

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Here are some reactions:

  • @ChinaBerry_: “I licked roll-on once… It feels weird in the mouth 😂.. drinking it sounds insane.”
  • Dr_Sammy9: “Nywee nywee they don’t use roll-on yet they are drinking it as beer. 😂😂”
  • @ZorchLife: “Nah this guy is lying… This is unbelievable 🤦🏼🤦🏼”
  • @vuyo16: “Remember during the COVID lockdown someone joked about drinking hand sanitizers. This isn’t far off 😯😯😯”
  • @keansling: “There are alcoholics who drink hand sanitizer to get drunk.”
  • @RawCrudo: “If we didn’t use roll-on for our armpits, we wouldn’t be judging him.”
  • @LehulaThatG0: “Cap 🧢 Roll-on only needs a water phase and oil phase, no alcohol, just fragrance and essential oils for consistency. This guy drank cosmetic chemicals. 😭😭😭”


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