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Former President Jacob Zuma has shared a poignant revelation during the memorial service of the late theatre producer and musician, Mbongeni Ngema. Zuma disclosed that Ngema was actively involved in a project depicting Zuma’s life and political journey.

Zuma’s Collaboration with Ngema

Zuma revealed that he and Ngema had plans to collaborate on a project portraying his life, specifically his experiences as a man from Nkandla. Initially hesitant, Zuma eventually agreed after Ngema discussed the idea with his sister. Zuma expressed, “He wanted to create a story about my life. We eventually agreed that he could tell my story. Our deal was that we’d meet after Christmas.”

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Zuma’s Reflection on Ngema’s Legacy

Zuma spoke emotionally about his profound friendship with Ngema, emphasizing Ngema’s role as more than just a friend but a comrade who fought passionately for freedom. He acknowledged Ngema’s global influence in educating the youth through storytelling and song. Zuma lamented, “What hurts me the most is he left without me saying goodbye because we were yet to meet soon to talk about the things we would discuss.”

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Discovering the Tragic News

Reflecting on the shocking news of Ngema’s passing, Zuma conveyed his disbelief, “When I was told that he had passed, I thought it was a joke. I thought he’d never die; he’d live forever because of the way he was.” Zuma expressed deep sorrow at the loss of a great talent and freedom fighter who skillfully conveyed the message of oppression through his storytelling and songs.

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Our hearts mourn the departure of Mbongeni Ngema, a luminary in the world of theatre and music, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

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