Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram)Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram)

Former Isibaya Actress Linda Mtoba Narrates How Her Deadbeat Dad Broke Her Heart

Linda Mtoba, a former actress on the show Isibaya, recently shared a personal story about her father’s absence during her childhood. While she usually keeps her private life to herself, Linda opened up on Twitter when a fan asked her about a heartbreak she had experienced as a child.

Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram)
Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram)

Linda explained that growing up with a single mother, her father’s absence was especially painful on special occasions like birthdays. When the fan asked when she first felt heartbroken, Linda recalled waiting all day for her father to call or come to her birthday party when she was only four years old. Despite her family throwing her a party, Linda only wanted her father to care enough to call or show up.

Linda Mtoba shares how her dad broke her heart

Linda also spoke about how her mother had to take care of her and her siblings at a young age, while their father was absent. She noted that her father had broken both her and her mother’s hearts, but that his passing had, in a way, saved her from more heartache.

The actress’s story is a reminder that absent parents can have a profound impact on their children, even at a young age. Linda’s experience highlights the importance of being present for children and recognizing the hurt caused by absence.

In her Tweets, Linda Mtoba said:

“My dad not coming or even calling for my birthday. I waited all day for him and ran to the phone inside when it rang. My (mom,) family had thrown me a party. Still, all I wanted was [for] him to come or at least care enough to call. He didn’t. Maybe I was 4,”

Linda, who celebrates her birthday on November 11, says her mother became a single mother at an early age.

“My mom was only 23 having to deal with such, hectic. My mom was only 23 having to deal with such, hectic. Not only did he break her heart but he did it to me too. And she was also just a baby nkosi yam.”

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