Vuyo Dabula shotVuyo Dabula survives being shot-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Former Generations: The Legacy star Vuyo Dabula has spoken out about a life-threatening incident that nearly ended his life in December 2022. The 48-year-old actor was shot and subsequently hospitalized, prompting a year-long break to focus on his recovery.

The Traumatic Incident

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Sun, Dabula detailed the harrowing event, describing it as a pivotal moment that forced him to put his flourishing career on hold.

“A lot of people don’t know that I spent a good part of 2023 recovering from a gunshot wound. I was a victim of gun violence in December 2022,” he revealed, highlighting the gravity of the situation that left him fighting for survival”

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A Year of Healing

Dabula spent 2023 focusing on his recovery, dedicating himself to both physical and mental healing. This period was essential for his overall well-being.

“So much of 2023 was focused on my recovery. I’ve also been hitting the gym quite hard, and am now fully recovered,” he said, underscoring the significance of this time for his rehabilitation.

The actor stressed that the healing process was not only about physical recovery but also about regaining mental and spiritual strength.

Returning to the Spotlight

Now fully recovered, Dabula is ready to re-enter the entertainment industry. His return includes a role in a SunBet advertisement, which he found particularly rewarding.

“I worked on a movie for ShowMax, playing a cool character who is a baddie. He starts as a good man but becomes quite bad. I’ve been focusing on recovering mentally and spiritually from that horrible near-death experience. It’s been a good year so far, with much introspection and self-care.”

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New Ventures and Roles

The SunBet commercial allowed Dabula to explore new dimensions of filmmaking. He was enthusiastic about the director’s approach and the overall concept.

“The director’s treatment and the storyboard were appealing. The advert reminded me of action-adventure films like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, appealing to the enthusiastic young man in me,” he explained, expressing his excitement about the new opportunities in his career.


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