Prince Kaybee and Cyan Boujee-Image Source@InstagramPrince Kaybee and Cyan Boujee-Image Source@Instagram

‘Fishing for sympathy’ Prince Kaybee Accused Of Playing Victim Amid Cyan Boujee Accusations

Local musician Prince Kaybee, whose real name is Kabelo Motsamai, has been embroiled in a series of controversies over the past few weeks. The turmoil began when an explicit video involving local influencer Cyan Boujee went viral across various social media platforms. Boujee took to these platforms to accuse Prince Kaybee of being the source behind the leak. Adding more fuel to the fire, she alleged that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with the DJ when she was just 19 years old, whereas he was around 30 at the time.

Prince Kaybee’s Attempt at Sympathy Amid Cyan Boujee video

Amidst the mounting accusations and controversy, Prince Kaybee has chosen to largely remain silent. However, he recently broke his silence in a post that many are interpreting as an attempt to garner sympathy from the public. In this post, he opened up about the slew of insults and negative comments he has been subjected to lately. This move is seen by some as a strategic move to change the narrative surrounding his image.

Public Backlash and Responses

Unfortunately for Prince Kaybee, the public response has not been as forgiving as he may have hoped. The accusations have led to a significant backlash, with social media users branding him with harsh labels such as “paedophile.” The accusations stem from Cyan Boujee’s revelation that she engaged in a sexual relationship with the DJ when she was only 19, which has fueled intense discussions online.

While Prince Kaybee has refrained from directly addressing these allegations, he did take to social media to post a comment addressing the various rumours and criticisms he has faced. He listed derogatory terms that have been used to describe him, including “paedophile,” “arrogant,” “abuser,” and more. However, this post has not shifted public sentiment in his favour, as many individuals pointed out that these terms are not mere rumours but based on what they perceive as factual information.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Prince Kaybee’s reputation and career hang in the balance. The situation serves as a cautionary tale about the power of social media to amplify scandals and shape public opinion, regardless of attempts to gain sympathy or change the narrative.

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