Levern José-Image Source@InstagramLevern José-Image Source@Instagram

Finalist Levern José Drops Out of Miss SA

On the latest episode of Crown Chasers, which aired on SABC 3 on Sunday 23 July, Miss SA finalist Levern José made a shocking decision to drop out of the pageant due to “personal reasons.” The episode revealed the emotional toll that cyberbullying can have on individuals.

Accusations of Bullying Force Levern’s Exit

Levern José faced allegations of bullying that surfaced on Twitter when a user, @AnelisaJu, claimed that she had been a bully in the past. The tweet read, “I was shocked to learn you made it to the top 12 in Miss South competition. One of the girls you used to bully at school spoke out about what you and your gang of mean girls did to her on her WhatsApp status. You are truly a horrible person.”

Levern José-Image Source@Instagram
Levern José-Image Source@Instagram

While the Miss SA Organisation dismissed these claims as “baseless” in their press release, the episode of Crown Chasers showed Levern opening up about her experiences of being a victim of bullying in the past, both during primary school and high school.

Levern’s Emotional Stand Against Cyberbullying

In the episode, Levern bravely addressed the cyberbullying she was currently facing on Twitter. She revealed, “Today I’m being trolled on Twitter by apparently eight accounts. (I) don’t even know if those eight accounts have eight different individuals. Cyberbullying is a real thing. Cancel culture is also a real thing.”

Her decision to leave the competition showcased the profound impact of cyberbullying on mental well-being. Despite the pageant being a platform for dreams and aspirations, Levern’s experience highlighted the harsh reality of social media abuse.

Levern José-Image Source@Instagram
Levern José-Image Source@Instagram

Miss SA Organisation’s Response

Following Levern’s departure from the competition, the Miss SA Organisation issued a statement expressing support for her decision. They stated, “There was a shock announcement at the end of this week’s episode when finalist Levern Jose made the decision to leave the competition for personal reasons, meaning that no contestant was voted out.”

It’s crucial for society to address cyberbullying and its profound effects on individuals’ lives, even in the context of beauty pageants. Levern’s story serves as a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, contestants are real people who face real challenges.

Levern’s Final Exit

Levern José’s exit from Miss SA is final, as the reality show Crown Chasers had already been filmed, and she will not be replaced in the Top 12. While her journey in the competition was cut short, her courage in confronting cyberbullying will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Cyberbullying remains a significant issue in the digital age, and Levern’s experience should prompt discussions about creating a safer and kinder online environment for everyone.

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