Man dived into sea and drownedMan plunges into sea and drowns-Image Source@X

Emergency services were called to a Durban beach last week following a tragic incident where a man’s dangerous plunge cost him his life after drowning.

Man’s Plunge Turns Tragic after Drowning

On January 10, 2024, Sphamandla Mabaso, a resident of Pietermaritzburg, visited the beach with friends for what was supposed to be a fun-filled day. Eager for adventure, he requested his friends to document his daring plunge off the guardrails into the waters of KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite being a proficient swimmer, Sphamandla’s plunge took a fatal turn due to the adverse weather conditions at the beach. Overcast skies and strong winds resulted in heavy currents, making it challenging for him to swim back to the shore.

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Tragedy Unfolds

Despite his best efforts, Sphamandla struggled against the overpowering waves, and his friends, initially thinking he would be fine, witnessed the distressing scene unfold. Their futile calls for help went unanswered as the turbulent tempest of the beach swallowed Sphamandla.

Man who plunged and drowned
Man plunges and drowns into sea-Image Source@X

Family Inconsolable

Rescue operations were immediately initiated, and days were spent searching for Sphamandla’s body. Speaking to Zimoja, his brother expressed the family’s deep pain:

“It was really painful to learn about the incident through social media. My brother was going through a lot. On the day of the incident, he had submitted his documents at the CCMA after he was fired from work last year. We have forgiven his friends as they came to share their side of the story with regard to my brother’s drowning.”

“Siphamandla was a very good swimmer. Judging by the video, he jumped at the wrong place. He was supposed to relax and keep his cool; instead, he wanted to swim in that current. This is why he drowned.”

Rescue operations in Durban eventually located and retrieved Sphamandla’s body from the waters, bringing a tragic end to what was meant to be a day of fun and adventure.

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Related Tragedies

In a similar heartbreaking incident, a father’s desperate attempt to save his son ended in heartbreak as both drowned in a pool. These incidents serve as poignant reminders of the risks associated with water-related adventures and the importance of exercising caution.


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