Babes WodumoBabes Wodumo-Image Source@Instagram

Gqom songstress Babes Wodumo has sparked a heated debate among her fans after sharing a daring photo on her Instagram account. The controversial picture features her in a provocative pose, almost exposing her ‘kuku’ (private parts), leaving her followers divided.

The Instagram Picture That Caught Everyone’s Attention

Taking to her verified Instagram account on Monday, Babes Wodumo shared a snapshot of herself energetically dancing on stage. Dressed in her signature skimpy denim shorts, the photo left little to the imagination. In a caption that innocently began with a question about favourite dishes, she added a cheeky twist, writing:

“What’s your favourite dish? Tupperware!!!🤫🥊🇿🇦Sbwl!!!”

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Fans React as Babes Wodumo Nearly Exposes Her Kuku

Babes Wodumo-Image Source(Instagram)
Babes Wodumo-Image Source(Instagram)

Immediately after the post, her followers expressed their opinions in the comments section. Some believed the photo was inappropriate for someone of her stature, while others defended her, stating that she was merely expressing herself as an artist. A sample of the comments includes:

  • mongiephetshula: “You’re a mother and a widow. I’m definitely judging you.”
  • preciouslecrishar2: “These days the only private parts are lungs and kidneys, okunye lokho mmmhuh 😮😮.”
  • sphesande_cpt: “She’s a dancer, and obviously, these kinds of photos will be posted. There’s nothing wrong with this photo. Stop with your judgmental nonsense!!! Let Babes be yooooh, can she just be happy!!!!”
  • thobelamoshate: “Nooo man, can someone talk to her….wow so sad.”
  • graxhair: “It’s mostly those with KIWI who see something wrong with this pic here…we can all see ukuthi she was dancing.”

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Babes Wodumo’s Remarkable Comeback Efforts

In other news, Babes Wodumo is diligently working on her comeback. Recently, she delivered an outstanding performance at the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) manifesto held on Saturday, February 10, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

Videos of her electrifying performance thrilled fans, leading to comments that she seems to have returned to her former self. So impressive was her performance that even the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) booked her for their manifesto launch. Babes Wodumo didn’t disappoint, delivering a spirited performance at the IFP Manifesto launch event at Gugu Dlamini Park in Durban Central over the past weekend.


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