Lettie Lebohang diesLettie Lebohang-Image Source@iharare

Lettie Lebohang, a prominent figure in the South African entertainment industry, dies.

An individual named Tiisetxo Setso broke the news on social media, sharing a picture of the actress. The sudden loss of this talented actress has left her fans and followers in shock as there were no prior reports of any illness.

Lettie Lebohang’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Lettie Lebohang, born and raised in South Africa, developed her passion for acting at a young age. Her comedic talent quickly made her a household name.

Lettie Lebohang dies
Lettie Lebohang-Image Source@iharare

She pursued her dreams by enrolling in a performing arts school and earning an art certificate. After completing her education, she ventured into stand-up comedy, delighting audiences with her humor in her native language, Sepedi. In 2016, she made a notable appearance in a radio drama on Thobela FM called Mahlakung. Encouraged by the positive response from her audience, she decided to explore television acting.

However, Lettie Lebohang is best remembered for her role as Khelina in Diepcity, where she showcased her comic skills. Her character was known for being a vibrant and gossipy personality on the show.

Lettie Lebohang’s Personal Life

Lettie Lebohang was born in January 1989 in the Moletjie village of Limpopo, where she was raised by her grandmother. Sadly, her mother passed away when she was just nine years old, and she never shared any information about her father or siblings.

Throughout her life,   remained unmarried and childless, keeping her personal life and relationships private.

A Grieving Family’s Request

As fans pour out their condolences on the actress’ social media accounts, the family has issued a statement. A family spokesperson has asked that people refrain from tagging her accounts and assured that all further announcements will be made to the public in due course.


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