Murdah Bongz and AKA's family-Image Source@InstagramMurdah Bongz and AKA's family-Image Source@Instagram

Family Time: Murdah Bongz Spends Time With AKA’s Family

DJ Zinhle’s husband, Murdah Bongz, pleasantly surprised fans when he spent a day with AKA’s close family members. The heartwarming event showcased the strong bond between Murdah and AKA’s parents, Lynn and Tony Fornes.

A Remarkable Blend of Relationships

The pictures shared revealed a group of individuals who have grown into a close-knit family, despite not being related by blood. This remarkable blend of relationships is a testament to AKA’s exceptional character, as he managed to keep his baby mama, parents, and girlfriend united.

A Joyful Gathering

Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother, shared the beautiful moment on her Instagram account, captioning it with, “Decide to choose joy and then keep choosing it every day.” The photograph captured AKA’s parents, his baby mama DJ Zinhle, her husband Murdah Bongz, Nadia Nakai, and Kairo Forbes, all embracing the occasion.

Celebrating AKA’s Life

Murdah Bongz and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram
Murdah Bongz and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram

Despite mourning AKA’s passing, the group found solace in celebrating the life he lived. It was evident that AKA had touched the hearts of those close to him, and they were now beneficiaries of his love. The image garnered positive comments from the Megacy, who were delighted to witness such a heartwarming scene:

  • “Love every bit❤️ wish you more love, peace, and happiness.”
  • “The most beautiful blended family 👪 I have seen.”
  • “This guy is too much. What is he proving?”

Murdah’s Relationship with the Forbes Family

Building relationships can be complex, especially when two men have been involved with the same woman. Murdah Bongz faced a similar situation in his relationship with AKA’s family. Due to circumstances, Bongz was not able to attend AKA’s funeral.

Despite this hurdle, Murdah has proven himself as a caring father to AKA’s daughter, Kairo. While some fans initially doubted his capabilities, he has received praise for his exemplary parenting since AKA’s passing. However, there are critics who accuse DJ Zinhle of having a negative influence on him. Despite the challenges, Murdah remains composed and continues to be an outstanding father to his family.

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