Innocent Masuku drug relapseFormer Yizo Yizo star uses drugs again-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Reports have surfaced suggesting that former Yizo Yizo star and anti-drug advocate Innocent Masuku has fallen back into the dark grips of drug abuse. A recently resurfaced video showcases Masuku in an alarming state of intoxication and high, raising concerns among his fans and well-wishers.

The Downward Spiral

In the video, Masuku appears frail and deeply influenced, engaging in conversation within a rundown environment while tightly clutching an alcohol can. Regrettably, close sources reveal that the support from Masuku’s friends and family has dwindled, with their attempts to aid him proving unsuccessful. Despite persistent efforts, Masuku’s behaviour remains resistant to positive change.

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Innocent Masuku drugs addiction
Innocent Masuku suffers a drug relapse-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Speaking anonymously to Zimoja, one source disclosed, “Trust me, we have all tried to help him, but it doesn’t seem like there is hope. He will shout when he needs help.” Another insider shared concerns about Masuku’s periodic disappearances, leaving loved ones in a state of worry. Efforts to revive his acting career have also hit roadblocks, with a TV producer recounting unsuccessful attempts to get Masuku back on screen.

A Hopeful Past Deteriorates

Masuku had previously opened up about his struggles with addiction during the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Youth Month campaign in 2022. Despite expressing a strong desire for recovery at the time, recent developments indicate a stark contradiction to his previous claims of progress.

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During a revealing TV interview on “I Blew It,” Masuku laid bare the extent of his financial losses attributed to drug addiction. His once-prosperous life, featuring a R1.9 million property in Krugersdorp, crumbled due to reckless spending on drugs, alcohol, women, and luxury items. Despite past attempts at rehabilitation, Masuku’s demons have resurfaced, rendering him unreachable for comments on his current situation.

This disturbing turn of events paints a bleak picture for the former Yizo Yizo star, as friends, family, and industry peers reluctantly withdraw their support, leaving Masuku to grapple with the consequences of his relapse into the clutches of addiction.


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