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The production of Shaka Ilembe, a popular TV series, has been marred by numerous issues. Recently, allegations surfaced that an agent has been defrauding extras by charging them illicit fees.

Extras Allegedly Scammed

The South African Guild of Actors has confirmed receiving multiple reports that extras, who were reportedly transported from KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga to Johannesburg for the show, were being exploited. One actor, supposedly cast as an extra, revealed that a fraudulent agent demanded R500 from him. “I am deeply hurt. I paid the money, believing I would appear on the show, only to later discover it was all a scam,” the actor lamented. “It’s disheartening, but a lesson to be more cautious in the future.”

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Bomb Productions’ Response

Bomb Productions has initiated an investigation into the matter. In a statement, they expressed their concern: “We have been informed that certain independent casting and extra agencies have been misleading individuals using our production’s name. We take this very seriously and have begun an urgent investigation into these agencies. We have also notified all our suppliers that any agency found violating our code of conduct will be banned from our productions.”

Tragic Loss on Set

In another unfortunate incident, reports emerged regarding a makeup artist who passed away shortly after working on the Shaka Ilembe set.

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Clarification on Food Poisoning Reports

On May 21, Mzansi Magic addressed rumours about food poisoning on set. “We can confirm that there was no food poisoning involved. The makeup artist worked with us for only a day and a half. On her second day, she felt weak and exhibited flu-like symptoms. She was immediately sent to the medic, and her family was contacted to take her home. Sadly, her condition worsened, and she passed away three days later at home,” the statement read. “Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with her family and friends during this difficult time.”


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