Nzuzo Njilo arrested for frauNzuzo Njilo arrested again for fraud-Image Source@X

It seems troubles are mounting for Nzuzo Njilo, the estranged husband of Faith Nketsi, as he finds himself entangled in yet another controversy involving an alleged R20 million fraud related to the trucking business.

The Allegations

Reports from City Press indicate that Nzuzo Njilo is now facing accusations of defrauding a Pretoria-based company, which was purportedly a partner in a freight business. The alleged scam revolves around the misappropriation of trucks valued at over R20 million.

Legal Troubles

This revelation comes on the heels of Njilo’s recent arrest in Durban, where he faced charges of fraud totaling R1.5 million. Following a week in police custody and an appearance at the Port Shepstone magistrate’s court, Njilo was granted R10,000 bail, and the case was adjourned until February 2024.

Social Media Eruption

Nzuzo Njilo arrested for fraud
Nzuzo Njilo-Image Source@x

Unsurprisingly, the news of Nzuzo Njilo’s involvement in another fraud scandal has set social media ablaze with intense reactions. The online community has not held back, with many branding him a fraudster and questioning the motives behind his alleged illicit activities.

Online Commentary

Here are some of the diverse reactions on social media:

  • @Sandiso__N: “Women sometimes can make us risk it all just to impress them”
  • @ZGoasu: “Maintaining a baddie is not child’s play”
  • @Snecinho: “They said a man must be wanted by the Hawks 😂😂…To score some girls you have to be involved in some crazy things.”
  • @NewsOclock_SA: “Peer pressure of indoda must.”
  • @MagumaTeboho: “Bro has been busy… and clearly not that good a scammer… to be accused every fortnight nje 😕”

As the public awaits further developments in Nzuzo Njilo’s legal battles, the saga continues to unfold, leaving many questioning the intricacies of his personal and legal affairs.


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