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South African reality TV star, Faith Nketsi, courageously shares first photos of daughter Sky, prompting an unfortunate encounter with an online troll. Read on to discover how Faith stood her ground against this cyberbully.

In a bold move, Faith Nketsi, renowned South African celebrity, and wife of controversial businessman Nzuzo Njilo, unveiled images of her daughter Sky, after a year of shielding her from the public eye. This decision proved crucial when a troll’s offensive comment emerged beneath the post.

Faith’s unapologetic response to the troll garnered widespread support from Twitter users, highlighting the collective outrage at the audacity displayed.

Internet troll attacks Faith Nketsi’s daughter Sky

Within the comment section, a particularly malicious troll targeted Faith’s precious daughter with a degrading remark. Their words insinuated a baseless assumption about Sky’s future as a gold digger, provoking Faith’s justified outrage.

Faith’s defiant response as she claps back at troll

In a powerful rebuke, Faith courageously confronted the troll, delivering a resolute message: “F*%k you. I hope you suffer!” This unequivocal stance reinforced Faith’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding her child from online negativity.

Support from the online Community

Scores of social media users rallied behind Faith and her daughter, swiftly denouncing the troll’s behavior. The chorus of disapproval underscored the collective stance against such reprehensible conduct.

The social media personality has been in the public’s eye with lots of different allegations. Recently she was in the headlines because of her alleged past relationship with American rapper, Offset. Furthermore her husband Njuzo Njilo was recently in court for fraud and Faith was rumoured to have left him after facing money troubles.

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