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Reality television sensation Faith Nketsi has officially declared the end of her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo and is now moving forward with a divorce.

Faith Nketsi Opens Up About Divorce

During the premiere of the fifth season of her reality show, “Have Faith,” Faith Nketsi shocked her viewers by revealing that she had left their Hyde Park residence and is currently residing with her mother. She candidly admitted that her marriage was disintegrating before her very eyes.

Faith and Nzuzo
Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo-Image Source(Instagram)

She expressed her feelings, saying, “It is such an embarrassing situation. I am embarrassed for my soul. As much as I can say I want Sky to have a mother and father, I sometimes feel like if I stay in the marriage, I will end up in a mental institution. We need this time apart for me to make my decision.”

Even their one-year-old daughter, Sky, couldn’t salvage their marriage. The dramatic episode concluded with the popular influencer seeking advice from a divorce attorney.

Rumours Surrounding Faith Nketsi’s Marriage

Faith Nketsi’s traditional wedding in 2022 was a fairy tale, capturing the excitement of South Africans who were surprised to see the “IT girl” settling down. However, just a year after their union, cracks began to appear in their relationship, with insiders suggesting that Faith wanted a divorce due to Njilo’s financial troubles. Speculation heightened when she seemed to return to club hosting, partying, and getting cosy with rappers.

It has also come to light that their marriage might not even be legally registered with Home Affairs, adding to the intrigue.

The Legal Battle Facing Nzuzo Njilo

Aside from the divorce drama, Faith Nketsi’s husband, Nzuzo Njilo, is facing a challenging court case that could lead to imprisonment.

In 2020, Nzuzo Njilo and his partner, Luntu Maxegwane, convinced Mala Gwarube to lease them her truck with a monthly payment of R90,000. When Gwarube saw Njilo boasting about the truck on social media, she decided to cancel the deal. Maxegwane then refused to return the keys.

The two men surreptitiously sold the truck to another woman in 2021, absconded with her money, and failed to deliver the vehicle. The victim reported the incident to the police.

Nzuzo Njilo turned himself in to the police in April 2023 and posted bail. According to Sunday World, the investigations have been completed, and he is set to go on trial next week. Faith Nketsi, exasperated by the ongoing drama, is determined to proceed with her divorce.



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