Thuli Phongolo and DJ Zinhle-Image Source@InstagramThuli Phongolo and DJ Zinhle-Image Source@Instagram

Face-Off: DJ Zinhle And Thuli Phongolo’s Unfriendly Encounter Gets Mzansi Talking

A recent video capturing an icy encounter between the renowned DJ Zinhle and the formidable Thuli Phongolo has set social media ablaze. The clip, taken backstage at a music festival, has left fans speculating about the nature of their interaction and the unspoken tension that seemed to permeate the air.

The Encounter: A Moment Frozen in Time

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the moment when DJ Zinhle and Thuli Phongolo crossed paths. The atmosphere was palpable with tension as Thuli Phongolo appeared to display a frosty demeanor towards DJ Zinhle. As DJ Zinhle wrapped up her set, Thuli Phongolo was seen preparing for hers, a coincidental timing that did not go unnoticed by fans.

The Silent Treatment: A Lack of Acknowledgement


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What caught the attention of many was Thuli Phongolo’s apparent disregard for DJ Zinhle’s presence. She neither waited for DJ Zinhle to vacate the stage nor did she flash even a hint of a smile in her direction. This chilly interaction left fans with raised eyebrows and a curiosity that has since fueled numerous speculations.

Grace Under Pressure: DJ Zinhle’s Poised Response

Despite the icy reception, DJ Zinhle handled the situation with grace and poise. As she exited the stage, onlookers caught a glimpse of her laughing, seemingly unfazed by the frosty reception. The “Umlilo” hitmaker exuded an air of elegance, choosing to rise above any potential negativity.

The Rumor Mill: Speculations About Their Past

Theories about the nature of their interaction have been swirling, with many pointing to Thuli Phongolo’s past relationship with DJ Zinhle’s husband, Murdah Bongz. Some fans speculate that the frosty reception could be a sign of lingering bitterness, while others believe that Thuli Phongolo’s attention was solely on her upcoming set. The truth remains elusive, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any further developments in this captivating saga.

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