Vusi Ma R5 GraveVusi Ma R5’s vandalised grave (Image: @AdvoBarryRoux/Twitter)

Even In Death, Vusi Ma R5 Gets No Peace, Grave Vandalized By Unknown Culprits

Unknown culprits have vandalized the grave of Bacardi musician Vusi Ma R5, leaving South Africans shocked.

On Monday, images of Vusi Ma R5’s ransacked resting place spread on the internet. Social media users were shocked, wondering why someone would vandalize the musician’s grave.

Vusi Ma R5 Grave
Vusi Ma R5 grave vandalized (Image: IOL)

Vusi Ma R5 was laid to rest at Odi Cemetery after he was shot and killed on January 30th outside Legentsheng in Soshanguve.

He passed away three months after DJ Sumbody, a famous musician and entrepreneur was shot and killed.

While the police are still investigating the case, trying to find out who was responsible for killing Vusi Ma R5, unidentified culprits have vandalized the deceased’s grave.

South Africans were confused and puzzled about why someone would vandalize Vusi’s grave.

Below are comments from social media users sharing their thoughts about this shocking incident.


This is too much but let me share with you, there is some belief called Aghora/Aghori. When you have too much energy when you lived at this side of earth, some people believe they can take over that energy when you die to use it to attract luck and the things you had…


If you see sth like this heppens, just know that the family used sth on the victim to haunt the perpetrators now the perpetrators are performing their rituals to let him rest and stop following them. The criminals got all the advice and muti from their Traditional Dr.


If you didn’t live an honest life and respected others. People won’t respect you even in your death.


How ppl treat you after your death uma ushonile is a true reflection of how you lived the time usaphila.


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