Nthabiseng Nhlapho-Image Source@TwitterNthabiseng Nhlapho-Image Source@Twitter

Entrapment Gone Wrong: Woman Films Herself Choking Toddler To Send A Message To Baby Daddy

A video of a woman kicking a toddler on the floor has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and calls for justice. The woman, identified as Nthabiseng Nhlapo, is allegedly the mother of the child and was abusing him to spite his father.

Video Shockwaves: woman choking her toddler on camera

The 13-second clip, which has been widely circulated on Twitter, shows a helpless child lying on the floor as he is repeatedly kicked by an unseen person. The child cries out in pain, indicating the severity of the abuse. Although Nthabiseng’s face is not visible in the video, sources close to the situation have claimed she is the one behind the camera and the abuse.

A Cruel Act of Revenge: Alleged Targeting of the Father

According to some reports, the alleged assault was a vengeful act targeting the child’s father. The video’s disturbing content has raised questions about the motives behind the abuse and further inflamed public anger.

Nthabiseng Nhlapho-Image Source@Twitter
Nthabiseng Nhlapho-Image Source@Twitter

Voices Unite Against Abuse: Mzansi Calls for Nthabiseng’s Immediate Arrest

The graphic footage has fueled an impassioned outcry across social media platforms. Social media users expressed their horror and anger at the shocking incident, with many calling for Nthabiseng Nhlapo’s immediate arrest for child abuse.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • @_mashesha: Nthabiseng Nhlapho deserves to be behind bars!!! The evil in this woman’s heart is beyond…. How can you do that to a child you carried for 9 months, sies!!!
  • @asamqokiyana: Akaboshwe nje lo !! Afike ashawe ejele. Kwingane yakho pho?!! Yenzeni ingane
  • @plainstain: Uyanya lo mama. She should be locked away for a while.

Law Enforcement Launches Investigation

Law enforcement agencies have been alerted to the video, and investigations are reportedly underway to determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

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