Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

Social media is buzzing with controversy as Enhle Mbali faces criticism for her recent Instagram story update in response to the severe travel accident involving her estranged former husband, Black Coffee.

Official Statement on Black Coffee’s Recovery

On Wednesday, representatives for the South African musician released an official statement on his Instagram page, confirming that Black Coffee is recovering from injuries sustained during a recent flight to South America. The incident occurred as he was on his way to a show in Mar del Plata, Argentina, resulting in unforeseen complications and injuries.

The statement assured fans that Black Coffee is receiving excellent medical attention, supported by his family and team. Despite the injuries, the DJ’s team requested privacy and conveyed Black Coffee’s optimism about a full recovery, expressing his eagerness to return to the stage soon.

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Enhle Mbali’s Unusual Instagram Story Amidst Black Coffee’s Accident

Social media users were perplexed when encountering Enhle Mbali’s Instagram story. Despite the severity of the accident, many expected a get-well-soon message from Enhle Mbali to Black Coffee. Instead, she posted a video featuring a DJ creating a mashup of viral videos showcasing babies playing musical instruments.

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Social Media Reacts to Enhle Mbali’s Instagram Post

This Instagram story generated mixed reactions among South Africans. While some individuals took offense to Enhle Mbali’s choice of content during a challenging time for her former husband, others believed that people were overreacting. Here are a few comments from social media:

@TlaleLynn: You realize you’ve casting aspersions. So unnecessary.

@haniachudry51: If she’s trolling Black Coffee then she needs to be given what she deserves, she’ll make sure she blocks every man on this platform.

@MboMahocs: Y’all like attacking people for no reason & blowing things out of proportion.

@MrMakhekhe: I’m not surprised at all. Somehow I knew this terrible news will be music to her ears, an opportunity for her to celebrate ex-husband’s pain – so predictable! It’s so like her!


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