Enhle Mbali and new boyfriendEnhle Mbali and Peter Sebiloane-Image Source@Instagram

Enhle Mbali Thanks Boyfriend Peter Sebiloane for Support After SA Fashion Week Success

South African actress and fashion designer, Enhle Mbali, expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend, Peter Sebiloane, for his support after her successful showcase at the South African Fashion Week (SAFW). Mbali presented her new Essie Apparel collection for Spring/Summer 2023 at the event and took to Instagram Live to thank everyone who helped make it possible.

Enhle Mbali and Peter Sebiloane

Enhle Mbali's new boyfriend
Enhle Mbali and Peter Sebiloane-Image Source@Instagram

In the video, Mbali thanked her boyfriend, stating that he has been a great support to her during this new chapter in her life. She expressed how grateful she was for everyone who had helped her build the person she is today, including her little sister, PA, and two children. Mbali’s relationship with Sebiloane came to light recently, and there has been much interest in who he is.

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Who is Peter Sebiloane?

Peter Sebiloane is a celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Gauteng, South Africa. He is the founder of EduScimat, a company that has been credited with revolutionizing South African education in maths and science teaching. EduScimat’s vision gave birth to virtual schools and robust maths labs, and the company is the biggest interactive company in Africa. Its main focus is on the knowledge market and education support, with clients including government institutions and large corporations.

Peter Sebiloane
Peter Sebiloane-Image Source@Instagram

Sebiloane’s Ntsu E NTsho Group champions these projects, and the company has been spreading its wings globally. Sebiloane’s academic genius has transformed education in South Africa regarding ICTs, and his work has earned him accolades for his contributions to the country.

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International Recognition for Enhle Mbali

Enhle Mbali’s Essie Apparel has received international recognition, with the actress and designer winning awards for her acting and fashion. Mbali is proud of her achievements and sees them as only the beginning of her career. She expressed her appreciation for the support of her boyfriend, Peter Sebiloane, and everyone who has helped her reach this point in her life.

In a statement, Enhle Mbali acknowledged the OPPO phone’s role in capturing the process and shared her excitement for the journey ahead. With the support of her loved ones, Mbali is looking forward to building her dreams and achieving more success in the future.

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