Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

Enhle Mbali Finds Inner-Peace On Vacation In Zimbabwe

South African actress Enhle Mbali has found peace in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. She had a tough year after being involved in an adultery scandal and a public argument with her ex-husband Black Coffee.

Enhle Mbali has been sharing updates about her journey to find inner peace with her followers. She recently revealed that she has found comfort in Zimbabwe.

In a recent post, she encouraged her followers to use their pain as a catalyst for growth. She emphasized the importance of taking ownership of one’s life and establishing a new sense of self.

Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)
Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

She advised her followers to sit with their emotions, understand their source, and actively work towards healing. Enhle Mbali acknowledged that pain is a part of life, and it is one’s decision how they respond to it.

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Enhle Mbali on a Soul healing vacation in Zimbabwe

In her Instagram post, the actress said:

“Day 3 of the soul binge.(I struggled to find it appropriate picture for this) LIVE IN YOUR PAIN A LITTLE!! Pain is a completely normal part of life. We all have in varying amounts some kind of pain. It’s what you do with the pain that separates us. You could let it turn you into a terrible bitter, petty person or you could learn from it and be a better. For this to happen, you need to sit with self , understand the pain, understand where it comes from, understand who caused it (without blame ) and actively start to heal. In the healing you stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes. Today I suggest you find yourself a corner of peace, dig deep. Cry. Scream. Be angry. Be a victim. Then let it go. Today you’re taking ownership of your life. Today you are establishing a new self. Your traumas will never go away, but how you handle them makes you a different person. I’m sorry you went through it. But I’m happy you’re doing something about it. Sit in the storm. Then actively pull yourself out of it. I love you,” Enhle Mbali wrote on Thursday.

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