Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

Enhle Mbali Claps Back At Trolls Over Her Bald Look

Enhle Mbali, a South African actress, has been trolled on social media after debuting her new bald hairstyle. The actress posted a picture where she was bald and partially nude:

Bald headed like a full moon shining. This is me  In my most raw state. I AM MBALENHLE MLOTSHWA MODISE MOGASE. Tswana girl from Soweto. My life from the beginning was never easy although I wear it gracefully. I am a product of strong women and I myself am one. My imperfections have have permanently created perfect lessons. A squire once told me it’s your story!! You write it!! You control it!! The first page is today rightfully so beza…. LET THE STORY BEGIN. Pg1….. #simplylive #simplyenhle #EmpressEnhle

Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)
Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

However, she fought back against the trolls with her scathing responses.

Enhle Mbali gets trolled for new bald look

The actress recently decided to shave off her hair and debut her new look on her Instagram account. Many trolls mocked her new hairstyle and accused her of being a home wrecker and trying to attract another blesser.

However, Enhle Mbali hit back at the trolls, shutting them down with her clap back responses.

Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)
Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)


Di kae dicondom?… Homewreckers are also heartless. Destroying another woman’s family is witchcraft She is a witch (sic) and you can also remove the w and replace it with a b

Trolls mocked her bald look, saying that she was debuting a new look so that she could advertise herself to the next blesser.


Love it ..ekugcineni kosuku you have to advertise yourself to the next blesser in line akere

Enhle Mbali clapped back saying;

@lungi_711 that’s why they hacked you account  your out hear talking shit. there you go you got your attention

She stated that she is proud of who she is and is not bothered by their comments.

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