Emtee's Confession About Pearl Thusi’s Controversial Pictures Gets Mzansi Talking 

Emtee’s Confession About Pearl Thusi’s Controversial Pictures Gets Mzansi Talking 

Emtee recently unveiled his thoughts on Pearl Thusi’s controversial pictures, triggering a wave of speculation among fans.

Recently, Pearl Thusi took to Instagram to share a series of photos where she was dressed in a suit, generating a polarizing response among her fans.

The online discourse surrounding her attire has led to a division of opinions. On one hand, there are those who criticize her dressing as inappropriate, asserting that it goes against societal norms.

On the other hand, there are supporters who argue that Pearl Thusi has the right to wear whatever brings her personal satisfaction and express herself freely.

Sharing on his Instagram, Emtee said that his hood would be happy if he gets to hit Pearl, saying:

“No cap in my raps. The hood would be so proud if I hit that 😊 (just saying) 🤷🏽‍♂️ @pearlthusi”


When Pearl Thusi shared the controversial pictures, she knew how much debate they would create.

She even gave a warning to people who would be watching the pictures.

“Don’t slide if you like reporting people. Unfollow me or block me so we can both mind our business. 🫶🏽, This look was crafted to impress ONLY @janellemonae for her latest project which I’m obsessed with. I literally floated to the party – ask @thabsie_sa . Just missin’ some lipstick on my neck.”

Following Emtee’s disclosure about Pearl Thusi’s contentious pictures, fans engaged in extensive discussions and speculations, generating significant buzz within the community.

Below are some of the top comments from fans.

“You have already smashed, we know you 😂😂”

After his post, fans remembered when Emtee dedicated a song to Pearl.

Following Emtee’s post, fans were reminded of a past incident where the rapper dedicated a song to Pearl Thusi.

This recollection has sparked further speculation and deeper analysis of Emtee’s recent confession regarding Pearl Thusi’s controversial pictures.


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