Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee to Repay Money Transferred from Family Trust Account Amidst Divorce Proceedings

Emtee, the multi-award-winning hip-hop phenomenon, has found himself in a legal dispute with his estranged wife, Nicole Chinsamy. Chinsamy recently obtained an urgent court interdict to prevent Emtee from depleting their shared estate and encumbering their assets ahead of their impending divorce.

The Trust Account Transfer

According to court documents, Emtee, whose birth name is Mthembeni Ndevu, established a trust during their happier times and appointed Chinsamy, his friend, and lawyer Dumisani Motsamai of Morolong Inc as trustees. Chinsamy, in her application, claimed that she received a notification from FNB on May 2, revealing that a significant amount of R599,603 had been transferred from the trust account to a separate account.

Emtee and Nicole-Image Source@Twitter
Emtee and Nicole-Image Source@Twitter

Chinsamy expressed surprise at the transfer since there was no meeting among the trustees to authorize such a substantial transaction. She alleged that Emtee and Motsamai were the only individuals capable of authorizing the transfer.

Legal Intervention and Court Order

Concerned about the potential depletion of the trust’s assets, Chinsamy sought legal intervention. The court granted her an order that prohibited Emtee, known for his hit track “Manando,” from disposing of or encumbering any assets or funds belonging to the Mthembeni Ndevu Trust.

The court order also mandated that both Chinsamy and Emtee utilize the funds solely for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries and not for personal purposes.

Emtee’s Response and Proposed Resolution

Emtee and his legal team have expressed their willingness to return the transferred funds to the trust account. They believe that Chinsamy and her lawyer, Risiva Khosa, should have attempted to resolve the matter amicably instead of resorting to legal action.

Emtee and Nicole-Image Source@Twitter
Emtee and Nicole-Image Source@Twitter

In a letter, Emtee’s legal representative stated, “[Our] client agrees to return the money to the trust account on the condition that your client provides a reciprocal written undertaking. This undertaking ensures that until the divorce proceedings are finalized and a decision is made regarding the status of the trust, the money or any portion thereof will only be used for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries.”

The letter further questions the necessity of the urgent application, suggesting that direct communication between the attorneys could have resolved the issue without involving the court.

Trust Account Status and Assurance

Motsamai, the appointed trustee, assured Chinsamy’s legal representative that the funds had been transferred to their FMB Attorneys Trust account and remained intact. In response to the requested written undertaking, Motsamai confirmed, “We have no difficulty providing the written undertaking you require and could have done so on the same day if you had contacted us.”

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