Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee On The Lookout For A Bodyguard After AKA’s Shooting

In the wake of recent celebrity deaths, South African celebrities are increasing their security measures.

After the death of fellow rapper AKA, Emtee took to Twitter to announce that he is looking for a bodyguard and security team.

The sudden rise in criminal activities in South Africa has left many celebrities feeling unsafe. Cassper Nyovest, one of the most successful rappers in the country, has been vocal on the need to take security seriously.

In an interview, Cassper said the death of DJ Sumbody made him realize that he needs to invest in security. He stated that “we spend a lot of money on stupid things, so why not invest in security and knowing that wherever I move, I am a bit safer and everything is controlled”.

Emtee is looking for a bodyguard after AKA’s demise

The death of AKA has been a wake–up call for many South Africans, including Emtee, who is now looking to beef up his security. Both Cassper and Emtee are not the only ones who have increased security measures after the death of a fellow celebrity.

The Need for Increased Security With the recent string of celebrity deaths, many South African celebrities are beginning to understand the need for increased security. With criminal activities on the rise, celebrities must remember they are not “just some normal guy who can just walk around freely”.

Investing in security is the only way to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. The death of DJ Sumbody and AKA has been a wake–up call for many South Africans and celebrities are now realizing the need for increased security.

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