Department of education investigates Skomota exam question-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

The Department of Education is currently under scrutiny following the emergence of an exam question involving the controversial internet personality Skomota.

The authenticity of the exam paper has been questioned by the department, suggesting possible tampering.

Questionable Exam Content

A Life Orientation arts question paper recently came to light, featuring two photographs of Skomota, whose real name is Thabang Sefala.

Students were asked to answer three questions about the dancer, with 10 marks awarded for correct answers. Skomota is a social media personality known for his controversial actions, including drinking, interacting inappropriately with women, and performing his signature “Skomota Dance.”

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Department Responds to Controversy

Skomota-Image Source@X

Elijah Mhlanga, spokesperson for the National Department of Basic Education, addressed the issue in an interview with ZiMoja. He explained,

“The DBE would not know if this were real or not because schools set their own exams for learners under grade 12. There are no national exams but internal exams, which means a school could do something like this for their own purposes.”

Mhlanga also raised the possibility of document manipulation, stating,

“It could easily be a manipulated document.”

Despite these uncertainties, Mhlanga assured that he would investigate the matter with education departments across the nine provinces.

“I will, however, check with my colleagues from the provinces if they know anything about it,” he added.

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Public Outrage and Social Media Reactions

The inclusion of Skomota in the exam has provoked widespread public outrage. Critics argue that featuring a controversial figure like Skomota in an educational setting is highly inappropriate. The exam paper has been extensively shared on social media, attracting both criticism and ridicule.

Investigation Underway

The Department of Education has launched an investigation to trace the origins of the exam paper and to determine whether it was officially endorsed by any school or educational institution. The findings of this investigation are expected to influence future guidelines regarding the appropriateness of exam content and the vetting processes for educational materials.

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