Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe-Image Source(Instagram)Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe-Image Source(Instagram)

South African influencer and award-winning content creator Mihlali Ndamase, has become the talk of the town once again, as her love life takes center stage. This time, her businessman boyfriend, Leeroy Sidambe, has made headlines with a heartfelt public confession of his love for the young YouTube sensation.

Divided Opinions on Social Media

The social media landscape is buzzing with mixed reactions after Leeroy Sidambe went live on Instagram over the weekend to profess his affection for Mihlali. What has stirred the pot of controversy is Leeroy’s ongoing divorce proceedings from his estranged wife, Mary-Jane Sidambe, whom he left for Mihlali just last year.

Leeroy Sidambe’s Emotional Declaration

When rumors initially surfaced about 26-year-old Mihlali Ndamase dating a married man, social media users wasted no time in expressing their opinions. Many labeled her as a home wrecker and criticized her involvement with Leeroy, who was still legally married at the time.

However, Leeroy Sidambe decided to set the record straight by confirming their relationship and emphasizing that he and Mary-Jane had already separated before he began dating Mihlali. Fast forward to today, and their love has stood the test of time, with the couple even making their relationship “Instagram official.”

Leeroy Sidambe’s Public Love Declaration

This weekend, Leeroy, seemingly under the influence, took to Instagram and started a live video in which he sang Mihlali’s praises. The controversial businessman went a step further by referring to the stunning influencer as his “wife.” The video created quite a stir on social media platforms, leaving users with varying opinions on the matter.

Some users found the public declaration endearing, believing that “drunk thoughts are sober thoughts,” while others questioned Leeroy’s alcohol consumption habits, considering his age and status.

As the love story between Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe continues to capture the public’s attention, it remains a topic of debate among South African social media users.

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